The Montgolfier Brothers - I Couldn't Sleep, Either lyrics

I will let down friends
& I we will let down family
Just to please you,
I can hear all the promises made.
But it doesn't take long before,
I get in your way,
Have you out-grown us,
Or did you just forget to say:
You've changed.... am I still the same?

By only remembering:
We'll ever forget,
Still lost in the moment of when we first met.

For no rhyme or reason,
Your world's turned upside down.
No faith no illusion can turn this one back round...

I pull through the photographs, and look beyond the smiles,
Inch my way through your diary
& hope to find some lies,
Some thread; some way to explain:
Your working late again.

Enjoy all the parties,
Cos they wont last that long,
Make the most of the so-called friends as they drag themselves along...
You get on with yours
& I'll get on with mine....