The Monochrome Set - B-I-D Spells Bid lyrics

I am true unto my name
I am free from sin and blame
I have no desire for fame
But it's Bid with a B-I-D
Cos B with a Z spells BZ

I am pure in heart and mind
I am selfless, good and kind
I am nothing, but you'll find
That it's Bid with a B-I-D
Cos B with a J spells BJ

From all pride and vain conceit
From all lying and deceit
From all spite and angry heat
Save us, Bid

I am joyous, full of mirth
I am born of noble birth
I'm meek, but for what it's worth
It's spelt Bid with a B-I-D
Cos B with a K spells BK

I am modest, I am mild
I was charming as a child
I've no taste, nor any style
But it's Bid with a B-I-d
Cos B with a Y spells 'Bye'

From all sloth and idleness
From not caring for distress
From all lust and greediness
Ave us, Bid

From refusing to obey
From the love of our own way
From forgetfulness to pray
Save us, Bid