The Moirai - Water Is The New Fire lyrics

Welcome back.
Reality stings you with more pressure than my furious hands,
And the skin we wore is stained and torn.
All our promises seem so absurd.
I've lost my faith in the human race,
Our selfishness is our most endearing trait.
And i begged you not to play this game.
But you always do, and i have no choice.

Is there someone here?
We keep the lights turned off so we can't see them.
Is there someone here?
We keep our eyes shut tight so we won't see them.
Open your eyes,
Turn on the lights, let's destroy someone.

On an on, our bodies bruise until there's nothing left
(there's nothing left we go and and on and bruise our bodies).
When the fire washes over us we'll say
"with our open eyes we'll forgive all our pain"
When the water washes over us we'll say
"we've all been lost"