The Moirai - A Terrible Secret lyrics

You lie motionless,
Against the floor on which you wept-
About your nothingness.
We tried to gather up new strength,
And unleash it on our past mistakes-
That left us in this state.

You gave everything away,
In the simple poetry
That rolls right off your tongue with such distaste.

So why do we let ourselves decide?
While you hold on to bottles,
And i hold thoughts of suicide.

(how could we make our lives any worse?
We've both become so shallow.
And content with a new curse.)

We gave everything away,
In the moment we embrace-
In the hallway that i wish i never seen.

Fight (breathing, I'm breathing)
Fight (breathing, still breathing)
Fight (breathing, we're not breathing)

You gave everything away,
In the moment we embraced-
And i knew that you would never be the same..

The dead don't want you back.