The Moaning - Still Born lyrics

Lost in the final twilight
Of a bloodred sunset sky
Cresfallen I behold the nightfall
As darkness burns my eyes
Standing on a blackened plain
(In a) Mental shadowzone
In the depths of darkest domain
Forever doomed to walk alone

Enslaved in a realm of agony
Fettered by the chains of destiny

Stillborn in the claws of damnation
Blessed in desecration
Devoured in the flames of hatred
No god above can hear my prayer
With a mind collapsed and hollow
I stare through eyes of sorrow
As flames of hate cremate the sky
Fire burns my unheard cries
Erosion of the mind
As sanity fades
Dwelling in insanity
Forthcoming fate
Dwelling amongst infernal shades
Paralysed before it's atrocity