The Minus 5 - Disaster Nurse Fang (Remix) lyrics

I saw the nurse come through the ceiling
She hovered over me and said
"i only wondered how you're feeling
It's been determined you're not dead"

She handed me the magic Sharpie
And held my hand to run aground
It's not for me
I got this friend, you see
And he needs to put you in my bath

I came here with little left to do
Now I'm right on schedule
I'll stay here until the morning falls

Her eyes are hardly ever opened
She served a tray of drinks around
I heard so many times colliding
Disaster nurse commands a crowd

She sang along with "Sister Morphine"
A giant needle through my head
With there a burden on the turnstile
With top cotton stuffed across the bed

It wasn't how or why I made it
Or even how long it might last
Disaster nurse can fill the screen up
She puts the future in my past