The Mighty Regis - Murphy's Broken Heart lyrics

He used to have a smile
A gleamin' in his eye
Now Murphy sits alone
He watches time go by
(It) hurts us just to see him
His magic is all gone
So have a drink, and stop and think
This is Murphy's song

She was the wind in his sails
His darling Irish beauty
Everything he loved
Old Murphy loved her truly
Protect her with his life
Murphy'd gladly die
But now she's gone away
And Murphy don't know why

No spring in his step
No lovin' in his gaze
Murphy's set adrift
Murphy's in a haze
She's gone away like the tide
Murphy's feeling robbed
(He) sits alone with his thoughts
All Murphy does is sob

She's the Sun and the stars
The sky and the moon
Murphy hopes and prays
She'scoming back real soon
A shell of himself
Murphy seems much smaller
When she was with him
Murphy was walking taller

And Murphy won't sing
And Murphy won't dance
And Murphy just cries
Give Murphy a chance
And Murphy don't work
And Murphy don't play
And Murphy needs help
So please...
Sing Murphy's song today

A bit of hope now in his heart
Murphy rises from his seat
Maybe oh just maybe
Again one day they will meet
You can always bank on tomorrow
Or so the wise men say
And Murphy finds a smile
Starring out on Galway Bay

(Chorus 2x)