The Mighty Regis - A Tree Grows In Sligo lyrics

There's a tree that grows in Sligo, in the middle of my town
So I grabbed a couple matches, and burned it to the ground
Was just a touch of mischief, so I ran over to the spout
Filled up a bucket of water, but just couldn't put it out

The blaze raged on up to Belfast, it went cutting through the yards
Blew up a Royal check point, pissed off them squadie guards
Lit up a boat and crossed the channel, and what a goddamn scene
Up went Buckingham Palace, oh God please save the Queen!

Orange for the flames, they burn so high
White for the smoke that covers the sky
Green for the tree that started this song
One day up in Sligo, young paddy he done wrong

Burning through the Swiss Alps, it melted all the snow
Nothing anyone could do, just watched the fucker go
Tried to stop it down in Italy, the point was all but moot
Naples, Rome to Sicily, it burned the whole damn boot!

Ran amuck over in Pakistan, hooked a left toward the Philippines
Scored a nice golf course in Maui, just murdered those fucking greens
When will it stop this madness, whatever is its fate
Made its way through San Francisco, now there's no more Golden Gate


Charging through the Rockes, the Windy City too much wind
Those breezes only fanned the flames, took out St. Paul's pretty twin
Vacationed on Martha's Vineyard, now a cause for much concern
Now somewhere in New Finland, I play with matches you get burned