The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Doctor D lyrics

(D. Barrett, J. Gittleman)
Noise, noise, noise from down below
It's coming from the basement
It's underneath the house now
And it's rockin' the foundation
It's the noise we love to make
and for year's we have been making
while Doctor D watches TV
his house is f**king shaking
he lets us practice in his place
he's got a wife with a pretty face
takes vacation, owns property
Dr. Dalsimer, Dr. D.
In the daytime what's he doin?
Upstairs in the attic he's saving lives from ruin
and sorting through the static
he puts back together
brains? I guess they're broken
and I'm not f**king joking
nice, nice, nice neighborhood
and nice place to raise the kids
they're tough strings to obtain
but Dr. D. He did.
worked hard to take it easy
worked hard and wasn't lazy
guitars drums, tones, saxophones
he must be f**king crazy