The Microphones - I Lost My Wind lyrics

You will know where to find me
if you ever catch your breath.
I'll be down here when you need me.
Down right underneath where you lay your head
and drift away out the window.
Where I used to meet you
when my head was in my chest
and I slept and I knew where I should be.

But I got lost.
I lost my wind.
You could hear me gasp
and I had fists and I disappeared.

(southwest dunes)

You will know who's behind you
when you feel it on you neck.
It was me watching you from behind a rock.
You will get the creeps when I whisper from above
and look around for me but I left a long time ago.

I saw you give birth in pain
and try to think of a name
It was me being pulled out of you for good.