The Metal Hearts - Midnight Sun lyrics

I'll bet we could be happy but where do we begin?
I used to write you poetry
I have a girlfriend now
I guess you don't know where I've been
I guess I don't have the most honest grin

Been infatuated with you though
I've got a picture of you I can't forget
It's been like this for me since day one
I feel alone, I feel a midnight sun

I'd like to take you out sometime
We could go some place simple
You could wear that lovely dress
Then from there I'd just regress
You'd find I have nothing to say
You'd find I have nothing to give away

I've been thinking of this girl I never see
I hope she's thinking, still thinking of me
I'd like to move on, preferably with you
But god knows I can't handle another critical review
That's the truth