The Merit Badge - Miles Per Hour lyrics

Wishing time away. and waiting on better days. when we're not so far away. when bridges don't mean so much. and we dont have to promise to keep in touch. and i'm not awake for phone rings. no i can see my breath but its not the same when i'm not saying your name. our memories: a park bench, and parked cars, and the way you were always ten minutes late, and the way the days ran into eachother with phone calls. there is always time to talk. now i wake up alone. sleeping with the phone. and pray that your okay. and count the days until december brings you home. to open arms and longing hearts. i remember when phone lines and letters didnt bind us together and i could see your face. you lived just a mile away. fill my heart with empty space. the time between states. august to autumn is longer than i thought'd be. wondering if you miss me. the one thing im sure of is we're under the same skies everynight. and time zones are bigger than i thought so we're looking at the same clock. and my heart knows when i count my lucky stars they'll be the same ones you are watching from your new home.