The Mendoza Line - The Big Letdown lyrics

On your big day
It's the medium that matters
It's the blues that pass for swagger
With your trick knee and attendant limp
You pull a little duck and stagger
A jig and a reel around the mixing board
A tip of your hat before you fall on your sword
Like two sinking ships passing under water
With flares that pass for fireworks
You hang with corporate logos, petty jerks
You've got yourself to blame
When they dick you around
Now who will love the big letdown

Dimestore dross [? dress?], where you line up your possessions
Show you're [?] and obsessive
It was always having fun while someone frowned
But now they smile
When they see you on their doormat
A gorilla with a four track
Did you really think they needed you around
So who will the love the big letdown

When you were [?]
You came to someone else's party
But you thought it was yours
And you made guests of all your friends
Now you're bored, you're lonesome and you're sorry
'Cause you don't like how this ends

From the back room of your black heart
Did you really think you're so smart
Did you really think they needed you around

So who will love
Who will love
Who will love
The big letdown