The Mendoza Line - Metro Pictures lyrics

Wholesale notoriety
Bar code your anxiety
State your fatal doom in a still photograph

Fear is a ragged dog all right
But you let it run around awhile
Oh, it howls and begs, but it won't bite
Oh, it loses heart in its dinner

You were captive to the free press
He's a work in regress
You'll fix him in the repress or let him be

I thank you for your largess
I hope you'll drop the charges
You know I crave the mark of your company

He was holed up in the brickyard
He could only take this so hard
He was driven on a mission
He did it in the pole position

I was always interested
Even if it was in whispers
But I knew he had me bested
Saw you at the metro pictures

Rip the moonlit sky down and tear sun
Shoot the fucking stars out, here we come
With the gray clouds conspiring, the rain fall between us
If you're on the line by the bayside marina

Later outside when I told you one true wish
And I hid my smile 'cause you sounded so foolish
Cut down to size as life flashed in his eyes
And looked a lot like TV news
He was castigated for his lies
He was persecuted for his views

And we all disintegrated into one celestial fissure
Leaving all that went unstated
Taking all the metro pictures
I will always be your lover
You will always be my sister
But I knew I need not bother
I saw you at the metro pictures