The Max Levine Ensemble - Swallow The Fly lyrics

Now you say you got an open mind (well that's a lie now, that's a lie)
Because you're going through life blind (Yet you deny it, you deny)
And you're always talkin, talkin now. (I don't know why, I don't know why)
But you're preaching to a "yes men" crowd. (I don't know why, I don't know why)

Well, what do you do
When the joke's on you
Will you talk, will you sing, will you stop, will you play?
Will you just throw everything away?

You win, I lose
It'd be the same way in my shoes cause
It doesn't matter what I do to you.
And a rebellion is at hand
On the brink of self destruction man and
I guess we're all the same to you:
Just another sucker wasting time waiting on you.

Goodbye, now this is the end
You chose your pride over a friend
Remember when it was our not just my

I'm not here for your dreams
Your name is not our team
I used to think you heard me when I cried