The Max Levine Ensemble - Satisfaction lyrics

I heard upon the day they flied,
A girl cried out for a friend who died,
"Fuck you! She was mine!"
She settled just enough to say,
"Let the motherfuckers pay."
I got so angry that day.

But then what's important?
I think I used to think I used to know,
Was her vision distored?
When she could be the next one who could go.
Well, then what's important?
When we're just taking steps into the past.
Is my vision distorted?
Sometimes I've gotta stop myself and ask,

Is this real life or just a distraction?
I don't think that I'll ever know satisfaction.
Is this real life or a knee jerk reaction?
I don't think that - I don't think I'll ever know.

Don't even realize
How things just get so styled,
For any lifestyle you can try yea,
The things you think that you should do
End up just distracting you.
How much is filler?
How much is just a marketing scheme?
We've got one life to live
So we should be living like our last.
What do you do with it?
Sometimes I gotta stop and ask.