The Max Levine Ensemble - 15 Minutes lyrics

While I've got fifteen minutes of your attention,
I've got a few things that I'd like to mention,
Like how I think we're all afraid of changing somehow,
But not of talking, talking till we're blue in the mouth.
Sometimes you're feeling down and these people tell you,
Oh, what you're doing is wrong,
They tell you life gets tough, they tell you life gets rough,
They tell you what you gonna do about it?
And then the pressure drops...

But it's bullshit and you know it,
We choose our propaganda just like everybody else,
It's not progress, it's location,
It's how things slowly stay the same.
And I'm trying, and I'll argue,
Not because I think I'm right but because that's just the point
It's all motion, we're unmoving,
And sometimes you need to change.

And If our words fly by like a breeze,
We won't care cuz it's alright.

So is it OK not to dance when you go to a show?
Or do you only go crazy for the ones that you know?
Don't have a doubt, I'll call you out, there's a time and a place,
And now the facts are in so let's make the case.
While you sat and listened to that dead man sing,
I tell you we were bringing down the roof.
Cuz when the pressure drops, the pressure drops
The pressure's gonna drop on you.

And when our words fly by like a breeze,
We won't care cuz it's alright.
We might be gone by tomorrow,
But the wind'll be changing soon, then you'll see, (You know it's true. )
Come on and spend tonight with a couple of friends,
Till the sun comes up on what goes on in the basement,
Through a crack in the wall then soon you'll see,