The Mascara Story - Kissing A Vending Machine lyrics

I've seen you around
Yeah im that face in the crowd
Mind if i follow you around?
Ive seen you around
While drinking on the sidewalk
I see, places you visit in town

But dont be scared
And watch you dont trip
That'll give me an excuse
To catch you

How can i miss you?
When everyday i see
Your face in a movie
Or a black and white magazine
How can i find you?
When all the time youre there
Like a kid in a candy shop
We make choices that
That aint fair

Ive seen you around
Cute! in your favourite sweater
Ill be stupid just to impress
Like kissing a vending machine
And people will stare
Beautiful girl
Who ever invited distance?

How can i miss you?
In this little city by the world
Makeup is such a waste of a pretty girl
But dont worry, youre different

Come September, youll move away
I wont get over you..
.. for two-hundred days
And ill talk again to you someday
Just to say

Makeup is such a waste of a pretty girl