The Mascara Story - Father... You Broke My Heart lyrics

Youre miles away, maybe your escape?
From you create, and the distance keeps you safe
I forget your face, rather tie my lace
Let someone take your place
And rewind and rewind my life
It seems you dont care
You can dial my number
Here have a calender with an x on my birthday
Another vodka please... gotta talk to my kid
Wrote inside your eyelids
So youll know the procedure

And when you wakeup
Itll all seem better
But nothings changed
You know.. i really dont get you

Father.. you broke my heart
We were snowflakes from the start
I miss you, even know you done me wrong
Father.. you broke my heart
But taught me, not to be like you

It cant be the same, til you take the blame
Youll have to change, and make it
Make it up to me
Easier said than done
Oh thy glorious one
I hear if you swallow pride
It has a bitter aftertaste
Youre so set in your ways
To iron out the frays
You know.. you do amaze me

And when you wake, i hope you see my picture
Hanging on your wall

And i guess nothings perfect
But i miss you
I miss you
You should have stuck around
Cos i miss you
I miss you

What a mistake, you made, games you played
You were afraid, GOODBYE!