The Majestic Twelve - Thank God Everything On Tv Is A Lie lyrics

We've got to win the war on drugs for the sake of our society
Our future as a global force depends on our sobriety
Pornography corrupts us, it makes us less than pure
And if everyone found Jesus, all those fags would have a cure
If you don't support our president you don't support our nation
Intelligent Design is not just bullshit for creation
We don't assume you're guilty just because you're poor and black
And we're winning hearts and minds with every bullet in Iraq
Thank God everything on T.V. is a lie
There's no justice in America, Democracy's a fraud
And you really must be stupid if you think that there's a God
If you're straight and white and male you are the lord of the dominion
You were born as an opressor with no right to an opinion
If you build it we will burn it, eating meat is murder
Agree with everything we think or be branded a deserter
We own the moral highground, we are freedom when it rings
A fetus and a baby are completely different things
Thank God everything on T.V. is a lie
I'm inquisitive and questioning
I'm thinking and I'm free
I'm not one of you, or one of them, I'm one of me
I'm not in either party
Both sides are illegit
I've figured out that all of you are completely full of