The Majestic Twelve - Magnolia Grove lyrics

Your parents, they warned you
Against the kind of boy who parks your cars
And has himself one hell of a nerve
My momma, she says I shouldn't oughtta
Dream about a woman I could never deserve
None of them could ever see
How someone like you
Could talk to someone like me
And my little devil says
I oughtta pull you closer now
But I just want to smile awhile
Since the boundaries just came down
In Magnolia Grove
My black boots, my big eyes
My t-shirts and my Levi's, I work all day
I sweat my passions out in the yard
I tell you I need a shower and you
Pull me close
You take me so completely offguard
Jasmine, Spanish Moss and Sycamore too
But as I breathe, the only accent is you
And my little devil says
I wanna circus up and down
But I think I'll just smile awhile
Since we're breaking brand new ground
In Magnolia Grove