The Lucksmiths - 21 lyrics

The whole story's not the half of it
Am I as happy as Larry, am I as rich as Richard?
Here it comes.... 21
I must be doing something wrong
I can't believe what they said to me
"The future's in your hands, the world's at your feet"
A day older and none the wiser
But maybe my eyes aren't open so wide
Here it comes...
And I'm the man of the moment
I'm ten feet tall, I'm the belle of the ball
Every once in a while I feel like a child
But most of the time I feel not much at all
I've heard it all before:
"The world's at your doorstep, the future is yours"
The icing on the cake is mine for the taking
But they're getting my goat about bringing home the bacon
Here it comes....
The whole story's there's a whole lot more
I'm as happy as Larry, I'm as poor as Paul
Here it comes.... 21
Nothing is ended, nothing is begun