The Lookouts - Recycled Love lyrics

Dreams for sale get ‘em cheap
You’ve got a new friend out on the street
Flashing eyes those looks that kill
Time to go hunting for a brand new thrill
Throw it away
Don’t keep on hanging round
Time to get away
There’s new love to be found
Don’t get sentimental
It’s just a runaround
Put your ass back out on the streets
It’s time to shop around
Don’t want no don’t want no recycled love
I’ve gotta get away from this vicious circle
It’s not what I was thinking of
Don’t want no don’t want no recycled love
Just take me to the edge of total surrender
And give me a little shove
Don’t want no don’t want no recycled love
That’s all I ever get that’s all that’s ever left
Recycled love
You always seem so nice when you catch my
A sweet face like yours how could it ever lie
Your words so precious fall like gentle rain
Flash like diamonds floating down the drain
Then one day all the lights go out
You wake up crying can’t help but shout
How could it happen like this again
Won’t I ever learn
Won’t it ever end