The Lookouts - CAMP Get Out lyrics

CAMP get out get out of our skies
CAMP get out get out of our lives
This is the land the land of the free
And we don’t want your fascist army
We came to this country and we made it our
All we ever wanted was to be left alone
Maybe freedom is illegal in America today
But your macho helicopters won’t scare us
CAMP get out get out of our land
CAMP get out cause we’re making out stand
This country belongs to the strong and the
And I don’t wanna live as a government slave
Some people destroy what others create
They plunder and rob in the name of the state
Chemical warfare is their next plan
They’re out to destroy us any way they can
CAMP get out go back where you belong
CAMP get out this ain’t Vietnam
We love this land and we’re here to stay
So take your cheap thugs and go away
I used to be pround of the USA
But not when I see what they’re doing today
Mendocino Nicaragua El Salvador
We’re all just peasants in this government war
CAMP get out that’s what we say
CAMP get out and stay away
CAMP get out better get out today
CAMP get out and stay away