The Lonelyhearts - The Museum Of Tolerance lyrics

I drove through Iowa back into town

Another man's been coming round

He left his underwear on the bathroom floor

And I don't want to live here anymore

I know just who it is

We levy our own sentences

That bastard won't survive more than a week or so

As for her i just don't know

Dakota skies cannot reveal

The way i feel when i walk by

The house i thought we'd always share

Dakota sunset doesn't care

A contract broken another paid

We made the dreams we'll throw away

And gaze at the Dakota sky

For the next shipment to arrive

My brother called me yesterday

To catch up and apologize

He'd come by to shower when i was out of town

And he'd left his drawers behind he'd just realized

Dakota winds cannot erase

The mistakes we make in haste

Enough to keep the country lit

If we could only harness it

Dakot winds cannot replace

This broken house with empty space

Windmills rotate, turbines blow

As for her, she doesn't know