The Lonely Island - We're Back lyrics (Chinese translation). | aye yo, new lonely island, 2011
, let’s get ‘em kiv!
, aye yo my dick don’t work, that shit is...
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The Lonely Island - We're Back (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: aye yo, new lonely island, 2011
ZH: aye 哟,新荒凉的小岛,2011年

EN: let’s get ‘em kiv!
ZH: 让他们 kiv!

EN: aye yo my dick don’t work, that shit is soft as a pillow
ZH: 赞成哟我的老二不工作,屎是软的枕头

EN: my girlie lookin’ at me like “you for real dude?”
ZH: 我娘娘腔看我像"你为真正的男人吗?"

EN: aye yo, hold up, hold up, we gotta come harder than that! yo tell ‘em andy!
ZH: 赞成哟,等一下,等了,我们得比这更难 !哟告诉他们安迪 !

EN: i think there might be something wrong with my dick
ZH: 我觉得可能有点毛病我的小弟弟

EN: it’s like a melted stick of butter so soft that it can’t fill a rubber.
ZH: 就像融化了的黄油棍子那么软它不能填补橡胶。

EN: aye yo come on man, this is lonely island, people are countin’ on us, i gotta run all these motherfuckers myself! whoo!
ZH: 赞成哟来上人,这是荒凉的小岛,人是靠我们,我要运行所有这些王八蛋 !喔 !

EN: aye yo i think i broke my dick in the sink
ZH: 赞成哟我觉得我打破了我的小弟弟在水槽

EN: it’s so small and ugly, all smashed and flat like it was playin’ rugby.
ZH: 就好像太小和丑陋、 所有海关捣破、 平它是玩橄榄球。

EN: hold up hold up, this is serious, kiv let ‘em know!
ZH: 举行了抓起来,这是严重的、 kiv 让他们知道 !

EN: yo for real though, i suffer from stinky dick.
ZH: 哟真的虽然我苦臭迪克。

EN: every time i take a piss it smells just like shit.
ZH: 每次闻起来就像狗屎一样小便。

EN: haha yeah that’s what i’m talkin’ ’bout! andy show ‘em how it’s done!
ZH: 哈哈是的这是我说的是怎么样 !安迪给他们看看它如何完成 !

EN: my dick looks like the fat that you cut off a steak, smashed in like my balls went and stepped on a rake.
ZH: 我的小弟弟看起来像你割下一块牛排,像我的蛋蛋去和耙子踩在捣破的脂肪。

EN: lonely island! grammy nominated, yea! hit ‘em again!
ZH: 荒凉的小岛 !格莱美提名,是的 !再打他们 !

EN: yo straight out the box with my soggy little shrimp
ZH: 哟直出框与我潮湿的小虾米

EN: i was a eight year old girl before the doctor found my dick.
ZH: 我是一个八岁女孩之前医生发现我的小弟弟。

EN: we make too much money for this shit, murder music!
ZH: 我们为这件事的谋杀音乐太多赚钱!

EN: i shit the bed cause my dick played a prank on my butt
ZH: 我妈的床原因我的小弟弟在我屁股上演奏一个恶作剧

EN: hit em! straight crept when i slept and stuck a laxative up..
ZH: 打 em!直爬上床和泻药被困时......

EN: suppository music! whatchy’all know about incontinence?!
ZH: 栓音乐 !whatchy'all 知道尿失禁? !

EN: i got hepatitis c from horse, but no confusion, jeah!
ZH: 我从 c 型肝炎马,但不造成混乱,吴 !

EN: it wasn’t from the sex it was a blood transfusion!
ZH: 它不是从性这是输血 !

EN: what?! motherfucker got horse blood! what y’all got?
ZH: 什么? !王八蛋有马血!你们都是什么吗?

EN: i write freaky fan fiction where cartoons fuck
ZH: 我写怪胎风扇小说哪里卡通操

EN: got cgi garfield lickin’ marmaduke’s nuts
ZH: 有马默 cgi 加菲猫舔杜克的螺母

EN: whoo! i would like to see that! this is that garfield sex music! now ya’ll just showin off! preach!
ZH: 喔 !我想看看那 !这是那加菲猫性音乐 !现在雅只会浓 !传 !

EN: i got a friend named reggie who lives down at the dump
ZH: 我有个朋友叫住在下在垃圾场的雷吉

EN: every other week i swing by and bring him some lunch
ZH: 每隔一周我的摆动并带他吃午饭

EN: oh!! now that just sounds nice!
ZH: 哦!!现在只是听起来不错 !

EN: ima call it right there, game over motherfuckers!
ZH: ima 叫它就在那儿游戏结束这帮混蛋 !

EN: lonely island, we started this fake rap shit! the world needs us!
ZH: 荒凉的小岛,我们开始这个假的嫁衣 !世界需要我们 !