The Little Rock Nine - "Just Words" (Song Two) lyrics

I'm not sorry your words offend me

I'm only sorry you can't understand

Words are not "just words"

I won't sit back and watch you destroy my soul

Words are not "just words"

What would happen if we didn't give a shit about anything,

We became an apathetic community,

Would we give up our insecurities and generalizations? or would we start a war?

In the society we live in,

Every word has its meaning,

Every word has its own effect.

Words like "nigger" and "bitch" and "white trash"

Are only used to oppress those around us.

To refer to someone as a piece of trash is

A violent act that pushes and keeps us as individuals down.

Sometimes words are everything.

I'm not sorry your words offend me,

I'm only sorry you can't understand.

Words are not "just words".