The Little Ones - Hey, Won't Somebody Come Out And Play lyrics

Hey, won't somebody come and play with me?
Done all my work and I've got a little while to spend, if I could find a friend.
Hey, this is such a sunny day, come on.
Come like you are, doesn't matter how you look but hurry, hurry. Come and play.
You'll be the good guy, I'll be the bad guy, you can go hide and I'll come find you.
You have the first laughs, I'll have the last laughs.
You ride the bike, I'm off behind you.
Hey, won't somebody come and play with me?
I'm all alone would you like to spend an hour or two, I'd like to play with you.
Hey, there is so much to do today, come on.
Time's going past and we haven't even started yet.
Time's flying past and it isn't coming back I guess.
Childhood won't last, won't somebody come outside and play?