The Little Mermaid - Silence Is Golden lyrics

You won't sing, you won't speak
Not a word, not a sqeak
Not a peep, not a squeal
That's the price, love, that's the deal

But silence, silence is golden my dear
Up there they hate chatter
So what does it matter
If you become mute (nobody likes a loudmouth!)

I mean it
Silence, silence is golden my dear
Don't you think you should try it
They'll say 'she's so quiet, so shy and so cute!'

Well, take it or leave it, that's all, that's the bargain
Go on, take a stand, make a choice
Remeber you'll get the legs and the lungs and the prince
All I get is the voice

And you'll be
Silent, but silence is golden, sign here
There's no choice for you since
You're in love with a prince
But relax, I've been told
Silence is gold
Halugans o f the wind cansapian sea
With sideegects mindjlittlejidous the vergent to me!!!
Now here it goes ankles and toes almost complete with legs and feet
Enjoy it aploy it I've done it and good luck!
And breath deep dear!
Silence is Golden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!