The Lion King - The Madness Of King Scar lyrics

Zazu, why am I not loved?
I am that rare and awesome thing
I'm every inch a king
Yet I feel a twinge of doubt
As I go walk about (Banzai: Hey, boss!)
When my name is whispered through the pride
Is this talk of love or regicide? (Shenzi: Reggie who?)
Tell me I'm adored
Please tell me I'm adored

Banzai: Hey, boss!
Scar: Oh, what is it?
Banzai: We got a bone to pick with you!
Shenzi: There's no food, no water—
Banzai: Yeah. It's dinnertime, and there ain't no stinkin' entrées!
Scar: Oh, you and your petty complaints. You don't know what real hunger is. Day after day it gnaws at the very core of my being.
Banzai: I had that once. It was worms!
Scar: No, no,'s like an itch...deep, persistent, profound...
Banzai: That's it—worms! When they get really bad all you gotta do is...hunker down and scoot!
Scar: Thanks for the tip. Ingrates! If it weren't for me you'd be beating off buzzards for your next bite!

Banzai & Shenzi
Yeah, you're our savior, thanks a bunch
But how about some lunch?
It doesn't matter if it's fresh
I need a fix of flesh
My bones have moved to where they've never been
They are on the outside looking in

Are you blaming me?

Banzai & Shenzi
Oh no, it's the lionesses!
You are so adored
Oh, you are so adored

That's more like it!

Banzai & Shenzi
But what I'd give for one more hit
Of wildebeest kielbasa
Or maybe hornbill on the spit...

Zazu: Oh, how I miss Mufasa!
Scar: Mufasa?! Mufasa?! How dare you! I told you never to mention that name!
Zazu: Note taken. I shall never mention "M-m-m" again.
Scar: Even in death, his shadow looms over me. There he is! No! There he is! And there!
Zazu: Calm yourself, Sire, or you'll get another one of your splitting headaches!
Scar: I am perfectly fine!

I'm better than Mufasa was
I'm revered, I am reviled
I'm idolized, I am despised
I'm keeping calm, I'm going wild!

I tell myself I'm fine
Yes I am, no you're not
Yes I am, no you're not
I tell myself I'm fine

No you're not, yes I am, no you're not
Yes I am
No you're not
Yes, no, yes, no, who am I talking to...?

Zazu: Oh, pull yourself together, Sire!
Scar: Oh, very well. Zazu? Zazu, Zazu, Zazu...?
Zazu: Yes, Sire?
Scar: Nobody loved me, there's the rub, not even as a cub. What did my brother have that I don't have?
Zazu: Do you want the short list or the long?
Scar: Whatever!
Zazu: Well, he had adoring subjects...a loving family...a devoted queen...
Scar: That's it! I need a queen!
Zazu: A what?

A queen, man! A queen! Without a queen, what am I?
A dead end, no line, no descendants, no future.
With a queen, I'll have cubs...
Immortality will be mine! Immortality will be mine! (Nala: Scar.)
Ah, Nala...your timing couldn't have been more perfect.
My how you've grown. (Nala: Scar, you have got to do something. We're being forced to overhunt!)

She's got those assets feminine (Nala: You're the king, control the hyenas!)
I have to make her mine (Nala: You're destroying the Pridelands!)
Nobility in every gene (Nala: If we don't stop now, don't you see?)
She has to be my queen (Nala: There's still a chance for things to be all right again...)
Come, sweet Nala, it's written in the stars (Nala: What are you doing? Are you listening to me?)
We'll create a host of little Scars (Nala: What are you talking about?)
Tell me I'm adored (Nala: Get away from me)
Tell me I'm adored!

Oh, know how I loathe violence...
One way or another, you will be mine (Nala: Never, Scar. Never!)

You belong to me
You all belong to me