The Limeliters - Zhankoye lyrics

Az man fort kine Sevastopol, is nit veit fun Simfereopol
Dortin iz a stantziya faron
Ver darf zuchen naiya glikken, s'iz a stantzia an antikel
In Djankoye, Djan, djan, djan

Hey Djan, hey Djankoye, hey Djanvili, hey Djankoye
In Djankoye, Djan, djan, djan

If you go to Sevastoolo, on your way to Simfereopol
Just you go a little further down
There's a little railway station known to men throught the nation
Called Djankioye, Djan, djan, Djan

Hey Djan...

Worked together all his brothers Jew and Gentile, White and Negro
For a better world to come
In this world, a world that's good, man will find some brotherhood
In Djankoye, Djan, djan ,djan

Hey Djan...