The Legendary Pink Dots - The Wedding lyrics

You asked for nothing. That's what I gave you - ash for ashes, dust for dust. Your trust is touching, but misguided... Bride, I'll be yours for one night. I wander. I wonder really what you saw in me -- I'm not your type at all... And all the angels hold their breath as my eyes rest upon the pretty girl who leads the choir. They cry out their disgust for me. They are crying for my bride who smiles in white, does not suspect my next move in the game. Again! "I'll honor you and cherish you." Again! "I'll share my worldly goods" Again... 'til death, when we're parted. Only words don't mean a thing... I think of ways to run. The sun paints patterns on the stained-glass windows. Widows in their Sunday best reflect about when they too were brides. They can't hide their feelings as they steal seconds from an age they'll never see again. Again! "With this ring I pledge myself"... Again! ("I do. I do. Shoo be doo doo wah...") Why do we have to be so humble and mumble words we never mean? It's obscene, the ultimate obscenity... this serenity on Sunday, we're stars on Sundays. Smiles on straight! Maybe one day rewards will be there for us Just for us in heaven. Just for us amen amen.... The end.