The Legendary Pink Dots - Someday lyrics

Someday... Someday...

Made myself a promise
When I was 5 years old
I'd dig my way to Australia
Cos England was too cold
But maybe 15 inches down
I cut right through a worm -
Simply was beside myself...

But I learned.

Made my girl a promise
She just turned 19
I'd take her to America
I would satisfy her dreams
For months we'd plan a future
But one day I just felt tired.
Never left my number...

I couldn't even cry.


(I'll make it up to you)

Made a lot of promises
In just as many years
I'd be everything for everyone,
There was nothing insincere.
However much I try
Seems it always ends in tears...

Someday - I'll make it up to you.

Someday - make it up to you.