The Last Dance - Breath lyrics

Nowhere I have come
to find my breath in you reflecting
Another place another time
where I became as you loved me

Embrace me
Gently take my hand as I fall into you
Lay my head down on your shoulder
As I say, with everything that I am
I must tell you before I...

Always have I held my heart high
Always wanting more than I
I have only, only
I have only now my heart, returned to you

Falling now her passion screams
Through her broken eyes in disbelief
With failing breath she starts to surrender
More than words
More than she can feel

Into my arms, she sadly starts to cry
Opens her eyes and whispers softly:
I dream to be alive and find myself awake in you
With words I can't describe but understand, I believed in you
When I dream and fall asleep, you take my breath away
I'm colder
It's darker now
Hold me as I breathe myself into you