The Kudzu Wish - U.S.A. To The World: Apathy Is My Middle Name lyrics

Arrow's pointing to the end/they don't care/busy with their money/to spend/so worried/change will spoil/their plan/river's edge/is caving in/razor's edge/is digging in/we are banned/from the promised land/we are banned/from the promised land/scolding, yet holding and molding the gold/doing whatever, but never what we're told/we'd put up a fight, but we can't cause we're old/plus we're content just buying what we're sold/bending, breaking, the crowd sits and stands/never making sense, just cents, always bland/it's unfair that we're here eating sand/while you're over there at the hot dog stand/it's unfair that we're here eating sand/forever and always as we always planned