The Kinks - The Money-Go-Round lyrics

Robert owes half to Grenville
Who in turn gave half to Larry, who
Adored my instrumentals
And so he gave half to a foreign publisher
He took half the money
That was earned in some far distant land
Gave back half to Larry
And I end up with half of goodness knows what
Can somebody explain
Why things go on this way
I thought they were my friends
I can't believe it's me
I can't believe that I'm so green

Eyes down round and round
Let's all sit and watch the moneygoround
Everyone take a little bit here and a little bit there
Do they all deserve
Money from a song that they've never heard
They don't know the tune, and they don't know the words, but they don't give a damn

There's no end to it I'm in a pit and I'm stuck in it
The money goes round and around and around
And it comes out here
When they've all taken their share

I went to see a solicitor and my story was heard and the writs were served
On the verge of a nervous breakdown, I decided to fight right to the end
But if I ever get my money I'll be too old and grey to spend it
Oh, but life goes on and on, and no one ever wins
And time goes quickly by, just like the moneygoround
I only hope that I'll survive...