The Kinks - Announcement (5) lyrics

"A state of emergency was declared by the government at 8:00 AM today.
It was stated that this step has been taken
in the interest of national security
and the emergency measures set out in today's announcement
will remain enforced for an indefinite period.

A curfew will take effect as from this evening
and will operate between 9:00 PM and 6:00 AM each day.
The curfew will be enforced by patrols from the People's Army
and severe penalties are to be imposed on anyone found on the streets
during the daily curfew period.

Food rationing is to be introduced immediately
and shops will only be allowed to open for a period of three hours each day.
Restrictions on the use of petrol start immediately.
Restrictions on the use of electricity, gas and water
will also be announced shortly.

All places of public entertainment will be closed until further notice.
All television channels are now closed down and
radio broadcasts will operate on this channel only.

And now, here is the People's Choir singing the new National Anthem
which led our victorious troops into battle."