The KLF - Madrugada Eterna lyrics

Through the light
Come get your mojo hey
Come back fat as a rat
All the way down the east coast
Get ready
Get ready
Get-get-I tore all the way down the east coast
I'm talkin' to you baby
Get ready
But in the kingdom of God...

all the way down the east coast
come back fat as a rat (rat rat rat)
if-if-if ya need me baby
if ya need me baby
if ya need me baby
when the sun goes down to the light
you have so much money you goin get scared
'cause I got it
seventeen-year-old Jack Acksadapo was driving home to Belmore last
night after finishing work at his father's Lindcrest diner in Lindenhurst.
According to Nassau homocide sergeant John Nolan, witnesses saw
Acksadapo drag racing with another car along Merrick Road in Wantaugh. Nolan
says the young man lost control and slid into a row of stores. His body
was pulled from the car by a passing motorist after which the car, in flames,
destroying stores ...
A reading from Matthew Nine
according to verse 22
Be of good courage, and be of good comfort!
My faith has made thee whole.
Well, hello there, Mick J. Sorrenson on the all night time machine,
we're going to play some good songs tonight.
... I'm coming in