The Juliana Theory - Piano Song lyrics

Old friend, i hear you.
i know just how you feel.
i've been in your shoes before,
i've seen your worries,
and i can understand everything you're going through.

(chorus) :
and i believe in you.
your time is coming.
don't give up tonight.
there's a life ahead.
your time is coming.
don't let go tonight,

my friend, i've listened.
things only can improve.
you have all the time in the world.
so keep on fighting,
and never let them say there's anything that you can't do.


i watched as you sat with a cigarette in your hand,
holding a drink in the other,
trying to drown all your pain...

la di da di da di da
la di da di da di da
la di da di da di da
la di da di da di da


don't let go tonight (x2)

old friend, you'll realize, good things are worth the wait.
enjoy the times that you have.
you'll see a new day,
when darkness fades again,
and the sun can rise to shine.