The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Bag Of Bones (2013)

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The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Bag Of Bones lyrics

Good morning
Everybody got to get up
Are you ready for your new career?
Need a J, O, B
Come on

Get up
Have you heard about?
You got to go ask you mother
To get up
Come on

And I’m an old mean man
And I gon’ take that risk
Don’t got to wait to for halloween to scream and wail
Bag of bones I’m gonna put you there
And I’m an old bag of bones
But believe I get down
Come on

You got to try a little bit harder
You got to think about it
You got to get your head out of the past
Get down
Stop [unknown] up my thing you cheap marionette
There’s a short cut to hell through the discothèque
A bag of bones ain’t no zombie brain
Activate the body

Reject the same
Pick it up


Do you remember the 1990s?
Do you remember the 1980s?
Do you remember the 1970s?
Too many squares
Too many slogans
Too many slogans
Too many squares
Too much mediocrity
Pick it up

Man of my nature always got to trip
‘Cause the jazz that you pushing make you sound like a drip
I need something weird, I need something strange
I’m a mean bag of bones don’t got to explain
That’s right

Bag of bones I’m gon’ put you down
And I’m an old bag of bones
Honey, you’re just a clown

Come on
Got to
Make bone
You got you hip bone
You got your ear bone
You got your, ha ha ha, funny bone