The Jim Yoshii Pile Up - This Is The Last Day lyrics

Just once I'd like to feel like you were listening to what I say.
But this is the last day.
I can feel the waste when you walk by me.
You lie on the couch and look right past me.
I'm ready to find a home. I'm ready to find some place that feels like home.
I can see the fragments falling off you.
Young man, I only want to help you. And I can, but you still have to act so
Suspicious. Give up the lies! There's more to life than clinging to the very
Thing that's killing you and while you refuse, you're looking older by the day.
But this will be the last day.
This is the last day that turns to night.
This is the last day that turns to night for me.
Give up the lies. There's more to life.