The Jim Yoshii Pile Up - In Focus lyrics

Right on cue with your impeccable delivery,
Alienating but true.
You laugh and I can't reply. Lately
I've been less than inspired
As we cash all the checks
Just to barely make rent.
Ooh believe me, baby this time
The truth will set you free.

No more parties or platforms,
No more sighing for nothing to say.
The message you left was typically cryptic.
You know more than you're letting on
And I,
What I mean is,
I'm speechless.

Hangups on the answering machine.
The curtains are open,
I creep through the door
And you're already gone.
The wood cracks,
The glass smashed,
The pain is never worth the wait.
But oh believe me,
Baby this time
The truth will set you free.