The JB Conspiracy - The Patriot lyrics

Everybody has lost sight
People are no longer treated right
Too concerned with what we get or gain
Oblivious to it all

I see a bemused country
Torn apart 'cos we fail to see
Things of a higher notion
Ideals that will set you free

You know we won't believe it
Don't you know
That your pride won't change a thing ?

Apathy will bring this country down
Racist hoards elected in your town
They say they're patriots but that's a lie
Protecting their own country
But they'd gradly see you die
They call themselves the bnp
The national front
Hides behind a political party
Agendas based on their racist views
Believe the propaganda
But you know you're gonna lose

Beware of evil creeping in
Undercover of legitimacy
They say they have
Your best interests in mind
But show no tolerance
If you're not their kind