The JB Conspiracy - Superhero lyrics

Say what you wanna say, do what you wanna do
Sick of spending my time with the likes of you

I didn't want to exacerbate the situation
Seeming under control you turned around
With that sinister look in your eye
Saying i don't think so
Well i think its time you got right off my back
'Cos it's a nightmare
Living on the edge of my nerves
Wondering what harm i ever did to you
But in your poisoned mind ther's nothing left
But simply retribution
Revenge for some deplorable crime
Well it's time to recall
And find out if this ever really happened at all

And i wonder just when will we ever be
Stood side by side without such complacency ?
If you'd see the aftermath
The consequences of your actions yesterday
When you opened your mouth before your mind
But it matters not to me

So won't you go
Save the world from integrity ?
It's time you threw avay your inconsistency
So come on stab me in the back

It's time we set this straight
Go trace your steps recalculate
Is this really the way things had to be ?

I think it's time you stopped fooling around
And started thinking
Is this really worth my while?
But your story's set with the one intention :
To devour
Four years of application
A littles sweat and adoration
For this thing
This scene this structure that we bult

And i wonder just when will you ever see?
Willy ou turn your eyes away
Or fix them on my steps to haunt me?
I wish you'd see the aftermath
The consequences of your actions yesterday
But now i'm laughing in your face
And it matters not to me