The Internet - Shadow Dance (2014)

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The Internet - Shadow Dance lyrics

[Hook] x2
Won't you shadow dance for me?
Play it off and tell me how it feels

Let's try something different, brand new
Hold that, right there, don't move
I wish I could tip you for all of your time
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1]
Girl when you
Teasing me, pleasing me, guaranteed
You know that I love it when you (I love the way)
Dance for me, flashing me, all for free
That's the way I like it baby
It's what you do, me and you should rendezvous
Somewhere we can meet in private
Your debut, time to shoot, now's your cue, so

[Hook] x2

[Verse 2] x2
If I could freeze
The hands of time I would stay
Right here with you
Right by my side, that'd be nice
The night is young
Your taste is sweet, lay with me
Until we find
Just what we need, what we need

[Break 2]
Tell me that you love me, babe
Tell me that you love me, girl
Tell me if you love me, baby
Do you really love me, baby?
Do you really love it, girl?