The (International) Noise Conspiracy - Free Me lyrics

Reach your arms and touch me save me now
I can not do it by myself
This time you'll find this wounds open wide
I want you here to help
I need your warmth your blood to bleed with me
To find a place to fit in
To brake this hold make me feel reborn
I wanna hear it tell me where to begin

Free me cause when the morning breaks
All together we'll find a way
Free me cause when the morning breaks
Revolution is just a heartbeat away

Stretch out your hand and feel me help me now
Please be my safe haven
I've been searching for a bigger cause
For some hope to take me
Take me through the valleys and the mountains high
Across the rivers so deep
Onto the roads we rarely tread upon
So please let me set you free come walk beside me

Come save come save come save me now