The Indelicates - Vladmir lyrics

He said that he'd never fight to the death
but he'd fight for his own dream
He said he knew he was right,
he was right to be revolutionary
His name was Vladimir the Warrior
His weapons were within the law
His name was Vladimir though this sounds tame
I don't think I will the same.

He grew so tall and so strong and the words that he spoke they were so pretty
(Oh Vladimir!)
And I believed every word, I believed that despite all this he loved me
And I believed in every speech he thought of me
His name was Vladimir and he had promised to set us free.

He said if they didn't agree he said
he would find a way to make them
And I guarantee that I didn't agree
'til the day we marched on London
And when I saw his eyes were twinkling
And we strode forwards singing
His name was Vladimir and he would be
In love with everyone, with everyone,
In love with everyone but me.

Bang, bang, bang, bang...

They shot him in the heart, beyond the London strand
The last words that he said: "You're only going to kill a man"
So we stood in the sun to see
And now we sang in his memory:

"Hail, all hail, Vladimir"
'Cause I loved him dearly, even though
Even though...
Well, you know
"Hail, all hail, Vladimir!"
And I can't decide
We can't decide

All hail! All hail Vladimir!