The ILLZ - Antonio Tosca (2010)

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The ILLZ - Antonio Tosca lyrics

yo I am Faded
So close
I ain’t made it
No choice
I am hated
By few
But loved by those
That appreciate it
But really that’s understated
They try recreating my flow
Cause its dominating
The game
so cats try replicating
Iam hearing these rappers
saying the same thing
Our names please separate them
Know what I see when I look
Deep into their faces
Nothing but a wish
For us to trade places
Coming up with all types of phrases
While they’re going through their phases
Face it
I can see that you’re growing impatient
Trying to take me out of the equation
but there’s no celebration
without a good amount of hating
so tell
My brother AR get a bottle
My brother ILLtal get them hoes
And all these rap dudes
They will follow
Wherever I decide it should go
those getting doe to criticize
Wanna know
how I create this
and arrive at the flow
hearing fans saying
yo this guys gonna blow
i feel the energy
when I arrive at the show
so star on my head
no romo
head to the toe
all polo
and I don’t wanna lead u on
i’m just trying to get my GQ on
don’t like it then sue me
theres no script for this movie
new v
don’t u wish that u knew me
don’t u hate when I do me
watch me do a buck 50 on the highway
homey through it all learned to live life my way
thank god when Iam pulling out the driveway
smiling while I pray listening to Sade
my homey said eat all you can ILLZ
but always leave room for the entrée
siempre con ojos abierto
y siempre mirando pa lante
old school dudes call me El Cantante
music is all a brother Knows (Knowles) like beyonce
keep it 3000
like Andre
and I yell YUP
like I’m Trey
make them say ahh
put your hands up
make them stay high
stare at the crown make them say bye
then I introduce them to the new guy
and the name is ILLZ
we giving them something that they can feel
a fan once told me
dawg for real
what u said yo it gave me chills
think of that when you’re aiming for us
when you’re in the zone feeling high and poured up
thinking you can outperform us
remember one thing
this is just a warm up