The Hush Now - Sadie Hawkins Dance lyrics

I want to know
That eventually you?ll feel the same way
All my friends in school
Are dying to find out

?don?t you see
I love you so
And it?s up to me to make you stay
No need to ask me why
I just picked you out

? tell me now
Who said I didn?t want what you wanted
Don?t walk away from me
High time you figure out what you started
You started it
And that?s alright with me

Can?t stop me now
It?s too late to head for higher ground
Just try to turn and run
My friends will track you down

?wait and see
And don?t worry how
But it?s you and me at the kissing tree
We?re holding hands and trading
Secrets won?t you please

It?s never easy to say no
It?s never easy to say no
It?s never easy?