The Hollyfelds - It's A Good Thing lyrics

The crazy season is over, my head's quiet for the first time in days
But the chill, is still, numbing my fingers, and it aches when I lay em down to play
So I called you to come warm my body, but somehow the connection was lost
Leaving me hanging at the end of the line, a line I should never have crossed

It's a good thing I didn't treat you better
Cause then I'd be more the fool
It's a good thing I didn't love you as hard as I could
Cause then I might never get over you

All my friends warned me about you, said he's a player and he knows every game
But with one kiss all logic escaped me, Now I'll never, I'll never be the same

And I tried, oh I tried, To be the queen of your every dream
But nothing, no nothing it seems could turn the fates in favor of me, in favor of me
It's getting on close to midnight, and I still haven't heard back from you
But the sad thing is also the funny thing, it's that baby, you ain't got a clue